LKU Backward Inlet Direct Drive Centrifugal Impellers

LKU series of backward inlet direct drive centrifugal impellers arecharacter zed by compact structure, easy installation, reliable operation,low noise, energy saving, high efficiency with wide speed range,the impallers are suitable for flequency control, variable voltage speedcontrol and many other speed control modes The impellers can be widelyused in lefrigeratlon and ventilation industry, such as condensers,evapolators, duct fans, roof fans etc.

Products Details

▲ impeller diameter: 280 ~ 400mm ▲ air volume range: 600 ~ 4000 m3 / h ▲ Pressure Range: pressures up to 400 Pa ▲ Drive Type: Direct drive ▲ Installation: Single impeller ▲ use:Supporting purification units and other ventilating equipment  

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